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AI will be replaced by AI

One of the main fuels that propels the dystopian visions of our future is the fear for the end of human usefulness in the working place. Although labor has been seen along the history of humanship as an ugly consequence of the original sin, it has also been the source of the daily resources needed for living such as food or housing. Therefore, the raise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage as a substitute for human labours at work has given way to a new wave of ludite movements. Nevertheless, in the same manner that the vision of the original ludism never got realised, neoludism may be equally wrong.

In spite of the dooming visions of the future of job, news of a different story are beginning to populate the media. On one hand, there are cases of the transformational usage of algorithms and automation for enhancing human performance and a betterment of decision making. One of my favourite cases is the usage of AI for helping social workers on welfare services to give better assistance to support claimants.

On the other hand, AI has started to show its limits for performing some tasks without any human assistance. For instance, fully algorithmic filtering of harming digital content or AI based profiling has collected a growing set of failures, sometimes due to the bias of programmers and other to the technology state-of-the-art. And it seems that this trend will continue in the future with the sophistication of content authoring tools and the rise of deepfakes.

In spite of soothsayers dark visions, a symbiotic relationship is arising between humans and AI based on cooperation rather than in competition. Gartner has called this model augmented intelligence  (yes, another AI), which is define  as a human-centered partnership model of people and Artificial Intelligence working together to enhance cognitive performance. According the same consultant firm, the new AI would have a market value of 2.9 $ trillion by 2021.

The rise of AI (augmented intelligence) as a replacement of AI (artificial intelligence) shows again the limitation of simple models based uniquely on technology. it is not the first case in human history, and it is almost sure that it will not be the last. New inventions are always and disrupted reinvented with its real usage.

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