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"Normal people" - Sally Rooney

Normal PeopleNormal People by Sally Rooney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

"Normal people" is a book that deserves a reading, probably it is not the first reading I would recommend among the many of them I finish on a year but I have enjoyed it, particularly the second half of the book. Because the first impression you will have reading the book is that nothing happens and nothing will arise your interest about the story of Marianne and Connell, and perhaps that is the intention of the author. Nothing in first one hundred pages make you expect something more than a story of two friends-with-benefits involved forever in a vicious circle of a never declared love for each other and a lack of capacity for commitment in both.

But things begin to change when you start thinking that perhaps is a story of perhaps extremely normal and boring people, with few differents with yours and other normal people that surround you everyday. The first clue is small hint of a case of gender violence at home in Marianne´s childhood, and suddenly you find yourself face to face with a story full of many other social tabooes like cases of suicide or depression, masochist loves and more gender violence. A raw reflect of the dark side behind so many normal people.

Nevertheless, you should not be worry about traveling the desert with the reading of the first hundred pages. The authoress masters the profiling of the different people that appears in the novel, and you will enjoy the way she introduces each of them and how she is capable of providing you with a complete portray of the main characters with an impressionist style across the many pages and scenes where they appear. As many of characters start in the novel in their last teen years and finish it at the pick of their youth, the impression is that you are attending the construction on real time of their personality as they experiment their first vital successes and failures.

As this is just the second novel of Sally Rooney, I think I would probably read her next one full of expectations.

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