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"Amateur" by Thomas Page McBee

Amateur: A True Story About What Makes a ManAmateur: A True Story About What Makes a Man by Thomas Page McBee
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Sometimes, you read so much about a book that it disappoints to you when you actually read it. This maybe the case of my experience with Thomas Page McBee´s partial autobiography, "Amateur". The central issue of the book has always haunted me, what makes a man a man, even before my own son started his own gender transition, maybe that is the reason it has failed to provide me with any new idea that I will remember as a lesson learned from this book.

Perhaps, this is also the case of a book that has attracted so much more press attraction that it can bear. On one hand, I´m happy for the visibility given to trans people, particularly trans men who used to be less in the papers. On the other hand, I think that the many long articles about the book published have exhausted (like this in The Guardian ) has exhausted the topic of the book and the experience of the author as the first transgender boxer who fighted in the Madison Square Garden.

Nevertheless, I recommend reading the book to the majority of men, or at least the article I linked above. The book faces you with questions that you should make yourself at least once in your life, in case you have not done yet, in order to explore your own reality as a person and your attitudes towards the gender issue: Am I a Real Man? Am I Sexist? What are the social expectations around me? What attitudes from you expect other men and women in work, love, sport and friendship? Having been grown in a womenize environment (my grandma, mom, my sister and me) and the case of my own transgender son has without doubt helped me in facing these questions, but I understand that this kind of book may be the support other men would need to make his own inquiry about himself regarding gender.

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