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Has Zuckerberg called for more regulation?

After many years fighting efforts to introduce regulations on the digital world, particularly the proposals in this area of the European Union, Facebook´s CEO surprised everyone with a call for a stronger regulation of the Internet. Zuckerberg pointed to four areas where he thought governments should focus their regulatory tasks: harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability. But what is behind this call? Has Facebook´s CEO be repented of the many scandals around the company that has been discovered the last year?

First of all, it should be highlighted the attention on the areas that Zuckerberg called to be regulated. There's no one of them where the EU has not developed policy-making efforts that Facebook has fought and accepted to comply with reluctancy. Furthermore, privacy and data portability of them is already regulated in Europe by the GDPR. Regarding harmful content and election integrity, the EU has established the framework for self-regulation that is moitoring closely in order to detect the need for regulation. Therefore, maybe Zuckerberg is uncomfortable with the close scrutiny in the latter two areas and what is calling is to a quick close of it before new areas of concern in them could arise.

Secondly, it looks that something is starting to change within the US legislative institutions. Various act proposals has arrived the Congress to be analysed related with algorithm transparency on the usage of personal data and the spread of disinformation. Therefore, Zuckerberg call for regulation maybe understood as an effort to mark the limits of the US regulatory efforts. Furthermore, the praise for the EU regulatory framework on privacy is nothing more than a call to copy this legislation in the US with any regulatory innovation that impose two different regulations in the two main Facebook markets and a race towards higher levels of privacy that may inflict more limits to the development of the company business.

Last but not least, Zuckerberg has made a careful choice of the areas he has called to be regulated. On one hand, as we have described above, he has not called for the regulation of any area that has not be already regulated or close to be regulated. On the other hand, he has not included in his list other areas where regulation is started to emerge or to be studied that would really create a change for Facebook business model, such as the introduction of a more fair global taxing system that fits with the digital world or a review of the basis of competency rules and their adecuation to online platforms business models.

So as usually happens, the call for a stronger regulation of the Internet made by Zuckerberg should be called as such but on the other way around. What Facebook´s CEO is calling is to stop exploring which regulations are needed beyond the already discovered and establishing a limit for the focus of the regulations on technical issues without entering into the regulation the market rules. It´s not a call for a stronger regulation, but a call for not introducing more regulation.

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