miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2019

Huawei War in movie mode

I am totally sure that in a few years time the controversy around 5G security will be remember among the first technology battles between USA and China, but surely not the last one. The time will say if we will remember the controversy as an equivalent to the Cuban´s Missile Crisis  or to the Weapons of Mass Destruction theory that paved the way to the 2nd Irak War. Or what it is the same,  as an episode where the US Administration provided evidences of a great conspirancy against world´s peace of a rivalry country or as the day that a  forgettable US  President tried to drive the whole world in a war without any real evidence.

We can compare this war with past wars and tactics, which give us a better view of the main actors. As i have already mentioned, it is difficult to say if US or Huawei are on the right side of the war, but you can find reasons to suspect from both.

To begin with US, we can start with the incident that start openly this war. In the manner of the I World War, a Sarajevo alike incident was suffered by an ally (the arrest of Huawei´s founder by Canada) and after that US started to scale-up the war. In this war, as what happened in the 2nd Irak War, US is pressing their European allies looking for a domino effect. So far without success, but another coincidence with the 2nd Irak War is that the sole declaration showing concerns about Huawei has came from Commissioner Ansip (an Estonian), part of the so-called new Europe.

Huawei for its part has not been waiting stoically the blows. Clearly, its tactics has been oriented to avoid the domino effect in Europe. And the main focus of its actions has been UK. Maybe, watching the interview with Huawei´s owner and the reference to their investments in UK (which are really huge), someone has remembered the scenes of the Godfather where Brando remember to someone all the things he has done for him. Probably, it is coincidence that the cautious position of UK on banning Huawei has been heavily disseminated around the same days.

The war is still going on. We will have yet to see some more battles of it. It is difficult to say if we will know who is right or wrong anytime soon. However, we what is sure is that we will still have to watch interesting episodes, it is advisable to have at hand some popcorns and your favourite soft drink.

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  1. I hope all the wars in the future be like this.

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