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The dangerous path to AI based robo politicians

From sex to the elderly care sector and tv news anchors, news of AI-based robots able of taking by assault the jobs of the more diverse sectors important for human relationships catch our attention and capture our imagination. This kind of AI-based robot applications transport us to a future where humans may spend a relevant part of their days being satisfied in their need of a companion by not human beings. One very particular kind of this robot applications are politicians.

As politicians take decisions and develop actions that have the biggest influence in our daily life, the idea of being on the hands  of an extremely efficient and capable "being " maybe highly attractive. The idea of 24 hours, 7 days a weeks politician, always available to explain the decisions he/she/it takes on behalf of us, decisions which are based on evidence without spurious influences, is capable to attract many people. Furthermore, the debate is open in prestigious media such as The Economist. What many years ago would have been taken as a freaky debate has now been introduced in the political agenda.

However, it is surprising that the issue even can be seriously considered. There are well known the cases of the bias introduced in AI by the companies that design its algorithms and even if bias doesn´t exist it would be diificult to imagine to have the needed ethical capability introduce in the "politician algorithm". For instance, which should be the weight given in the algorithm to the goal of being reelected in comparison with the goal of protection of the general interest? In order to give a real life exmaple, which course of action would a robo-politician choose in an extreme social divisive situation as Brexit?

Maybe the reason the case why we admit robo politicians to be introduced in the political agenda is because we think that bias and a personal interpretation of the general interest already govern the actions of politicians. This would be a more dangerous sitaution that it looks at first sight, because it would mean just another triumph of the so-called far right populisms and those who rock their craddle. Furthermore, the opposite case, the possiblity of creating a robo politician without bias and guided by a perfect interpretation of the general interest would be equally danger, What would be elections for in that case?

As in other cases of AI applications, robo politicians looks as one of those paths that it would be better not to be explored. The seeds of a dystopian society are clearly embedded in the idea. However, we should be sure some one will go that way. 

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