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AI and SDG in least developed countries

In 2015, the United Nations published the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a roadmap to guarantee a sustainable future by 2030. These goals range from ending hunger and poverty over realizing sustainable energy and gender equality to preserving our biodiversity. The tech community received the SDGs with a certain discomfort because, after an intense debate, there were not a specific goal for technological development.

In spite of the disappearance of technology from the front line of the SDGs, connectivity was immediately seen as a key driver for achieving the SDGs. Furthermore, increasing access to internet  and the proportion of global population covered by a mobile network were among the indicators and targets for the 9th SDG (9.c & 9.c.1). But until now, no other kind of technology different to connectivity were linked with achieving the SDGs. 

Everything has changed with the recent rise of interest for AI. Besides the debates on AI and ethics or AI and jobs which are happened in developed countries, ITU and UN organisations are pushing the debate on "AI for Good". The aim is to identify impactful AI solutions able to yield long-term benefits and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. And there is not a lack of them. AI applications focused in healthcare, energy, agriculture, education and environmental protection. are blooming.

Undoubtedly, the usage of AI technology is surrounded by fears. We demand explainability and robustness of AI, we demand and ethical approach to AI. But the approach is completely different when you are fighting malnutrition or pandemias. In a more pragmatic view, their users claim that "We don't really need to understand these systems fully so long as the outcomes are good." Perhaps, it ís the only possible approach for the usage of AI to the achievement of SDGs in least developed countries. However, in the production side of the AI systems in the developed countries we have the obligation to guarantee this goodness.  As citizens of developed countries, we should be vigilant that AI is not used by our government as a tool for neo-colonialism taking advantage of the needs of the Least Developed Countries.

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