miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2018

Beyond digital skills

Many times in the past I have written about the need to promote digital skills. In particular, I think that it´s highly important to provide policy makers with the digital skills (most red post of this blog)  they lack of. However, I think that once more it´s needed to think out of the box and we need to go beyond the trending topics. Although digital skills are needed to work and joy in the digital era, they are not the only skills that are needed for the digital era.

Particularly, ethical skills should be in equal foot of importance as digital skills in any skills development strategy, wether in the national/international level or in an education centre. Digital technology applications are colliding with the principles and values we wre taught in many areas every day. The crash could only be avoided if "Don´t be evil" motto goes beyond being a catchy phrase, continuouslly forgotten even by the digital company who promoted it, and begin to be infused in engineers DNA.

Although many times is tried to be hidden, engineers and digital companies have a responsibility in the consequences of their invention. In the past, IBM played a central role as an enabler of the holocaust promoted by the nazi regime. Today, Amazon, Microsoft and others are providing the tools for the implentation of Trump´s anti-inmigration agenda

It´s not possible to stop the bad usage of a technology, but it´s possible not to develop this bad usage. Killer robots will be used for war it they are developed, but its development could be stopped. In the same manner, technology could be used for good purposes as warning about the existance of gender divide at work. But an ethical approach to tech development it´s only possible if ethics are included as a core matter in enginneer training.

Digital skills are needed for humans in the digital world. Ethic skills are critical for the existance of a digital world.

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