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What will be in the future European AI roadmap?

With some delay on the initially foreseen agenda, it looks that Europe is at last speeding its initiatives in the AI area. Last week a significative bunch of European ministers get surrounding by experts and practician to speak about the issue in the so-called Digital Day. In the near future, it is expected that the European Commission will publish the European roadmap for AI. 

It was high time for this European hyperactivity. As usual. it looks to come late. AI investments in 2016 in Europe totaled $3 to $4 billion in 2016, compared with $8 to $12 billion in Asia and $15 to $23 billion in North America. It is not a surprise of this lagging as there was not any measure in the original Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy and a vague idea for "Building artificial intelligence capacities" in the DSM strategy midterm review.

As you may remember, the European Parliament published a report on AI a year ago. It will be interesting to see how many of the European Parliament ideas will be taking on board on the European Commission roadmap. Some of them can be directly discarded. It is not the time to expect any kind of regulation on robots liability or a legal status for robots. According with the declaration signed on the Digital Day, the roadmap will contain few more things than a framework for pooling R&D resources, exchanging ideas on legal and ethical issues to be considered in the future and holding some kind of general reflection the impact of AI in labour.

However, until the roadmap is published let´s hope something more ambitious. AI is not something that will come in a far future. For good or bad, robots are around us in many fields right now, like medicine or transport to name a few. So there should be some kind of flesh in the roadmap otherwise the scaring face of a future reigned by unleashed and out of control robots will still brake the development of AI in Europe.

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