miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2018

Forget the hype, AI is not a new market

It looks that 2018 is AI´s year. Artificial Intelligence is on the news each day and it is beginning to be taken into consideration as one of the enablers of digital transformation. The excitement is not surprising, as it is expected a jump in its market size from 1,378 millions of dollars worldwide in 2016 to 59,748 millions un 2025.

Even in the digital age the space in the press is not infinite, so great part of AI buzz has been made at the expense of big data. According with the data available in Google Trends, there have been a convergence between the usage of both terms. Also this is not surprising, as AI is probably the main application build on big data. Data is useless without being analysed. So it is really possible that we are not talking about a new market, but a rebranding of what we have been calling the big data market.

The substitution theory of Big Data by AI is supported by E. Morozov. In one of his last articles he highlighted that "data is not the new oil, but AI probably is". Furthermore, he pointed that the same players that has been hoarding data for years are now grabbing market power in AI market based on its dominance of the Internet. So according this point of view it should be the GAFA the leaders of the AI market.

And the facts are greatly supporting the substitution theory. Two of the GAFAs are leading the ranking of 15 companies which are hiring AI experts and two of them in the list of 5 top investors on AI. Amazon is repeating on both lists, as well as Microsoft, so Morozov maybe right on his last theory.

So it is highly possible that AI is neither a new market nor opening new opportunities for new entrants, but the continuation and consolidation of the current scenario.

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