miércoles, 27 de septiembre de 2017

The end of romance (II)

Definitely, something has been broken in our relationship with digital platforms. The end of romance looks more feasible as times goes by, In spite that some countries have recognised a semi-state status to the GAFAs, even some of the actions that have been praised in the past are now been calling digital colonialism. As the spouse who is desperate observing the unavoidable end of its marriage, they are spending more money than ever before to maintain the relationship. Even more, it looks that some of the GAFAs  are trying to make forget the rumours of some past little sins with a little bit of over reaction.

Unfortunately for the GAFAs, it looks that there are a growing consensus on their power and the need to curb it. To begin with, it has been quite significative that the EU´s fine on Google for anti-competitive actions have not raised any strong comments from the White House, neither before nor after the fine was imposed. This fact has not passed unnoticed to the US media, specially to those close to the GAFA´s world that has also underlined the Trump´s position in favour of a more agressive antitrust position. 

Meanwhile in Europe, new actions are under development. Germany is putting to practice a year-old idea expressed by Commissioner Vestager on the need to consider the role of data and digital issues in competition laws, specially regarding M&A cases. Firstly, the German Government published a white paper on the matter; later, an amendment to the competition law was adopted that introduces a new approach to competitition in the digital era. After Germany decission, it is not surprising that the European Commission itself has began to warn the GAFAs with taking actions applicable for the whole Union in order to increase the protection of online consumers.

It looks that the winds are beginning to blow against the sails of the digital  platforms. The world where everything is disrupted except legislation seems to dissapear. Regulation on digital issues are begining to take a more solid shape.

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