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Artificial Intelligence: A story of police and thieves

There is an unstoppable move towards automatisation. Besides the routinary jobs that do not need special skills to be performed, news show us that even the more sophisticated jobs are not safe of not being taken by robots and algorithms. On one hand, the role of middle managers looks to be redundant soon in hedge funds firms where the every day decisions about investments decide the future of thousands and millions of jobs and people. On the other hand, "robolawyers" show their hability defending people in court in a more efficient manner than humans taking into consideration a huge pile of previous cases.

As times goes by, it looks that the expanding role of artificial intelligence is something more than the wish of geeks. IBM, Google and many others are getting ready for a near future where nearly every decision has something to do with AI. The global artificial intelligence market was valued at US$ 126.24 Bn in 2015 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 36.1% from 2016 to 2024 to reach a value of US$ 3,061.35 Bn in 2024. However, it should be highlighted that it will be difficult to confirm this predictions as AI it is more a feature than a product.

The case for AI is more than justified in massive services. Take the case of Facebook and its obligation to fight fake news that recently has been demanded by the roar of the society. The task to clean the facebook feed from fake news only in Germany requires daily 600 people to perform 2000 deletions. But the more massive the service the more critical is to eliminate any bias in automatisation, especially in the area related to freedom of expression. 

The more fields find an application to Artificial Intelligence the more it is needed to embed ethics in the role of algorithms. Furthermore, this brings a new paradox. If AI is pervasive in any process and decision, and it looks it will happen, the role of watching the ethics of algorithm ought to be encommended to other algorithms. As it was expected, some scientist are working on this issue also.

So algorithms and artificial intelligence looks at the same time as the problem and the solution. But better not to start with the question who oversees the guardian in the artificial intelligence world.

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