miércoles, 15 de junio de 2016

Who oversees Google´s regulatory role?

Google is often looked suspiciously for his dominance of the Internet market. However, the criticisms usually focused only in the economical aspects of this supremacy or the effect on the market competition. But this dominion has as a collateral consequence a power as a regulator that sometimes is overlooked

The internet giant selects wisely the cases where it decides playing the regulatory role. There are causes that are popular among users and with few danger of arise discontent, and therefore without risk of leading to some kind of users' protest campaign. For instance, last year Google decided to promote mobile friendly websites through the promotion of this kind of websites in the results of its searching algorithm.The movement was the consequence of a research that showed that consumers want this kind of sites.

Google's regulatory role goes beyond imposing the characteristics of internet content. Recently, the Internet giant has decided to ban payday loan ads. It is not the first type of ads that google has banned, the company has an extended list of prohibited content for ads. However, it is the first case where the Internet giant has decided to ban ads of a legal product according with the government sectorial regulator. The uproar among the payday industry has been great because such decision could bring the end of this kind of businesses, but no significant protest has appeared from the consumer side.

The "de facto" Google's regulatory role has been aligned until now with the consumer interests and has not crashed with democratic principles. But this could not be the case in the long run. We should remember the accusations of political bias to Facebook. We have accumulated enough cases to think on establish regulators of Internet platforms decisions.

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