domingo, 22 de mayo de 2016

#DigitalSingleMarket #Connectivity Somewhere in #Digital Europe .... (22/5/2016)

A deepened Single market for labour and digital innovation

A policy paper published by the Jacques Delors Institut exploring how to reach higher productivity growth in EU. The author put forward the need to strengthen the single market in three areas: labour, finances and digital.

Connecting the world: Ten mechanisms for global inclusion

Global Internet growth is slowing down. Despite the ongoing digital revolution, some 56 percent of the world is still not online. The number of new Internet subscribers grew in single digits since 2013. The slowdown stems from barriers to Internet access that are created by deficiencies in the critical markets that deliver a meaningful Internet experience. This document describe some mechanisms so that the markets for connectivity, content creation, and retail remove these barriers to digital inclusion.

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