lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

#SharedEconomy #StartUp #SmartCity Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (4/4/2016)

Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit

A report from the American Public Transport Association that aims to show the relationship between public-transport and shared transport users. Both transport modes look as complimentary, creating a virtuous circle that ends in a decrease in private car ownership.

Startup Monitor 2015

This report elaborated by the German´s Startup Association in collaboration with Google, KPMG and Telefonica presents Europe’s startup ecosystems and founders, with as its aim to better understand where we are today, and what the challenges and opportunities are in the future.

Smart sustainable cities

Sustainable smart cities need to exchange best practices, focus on increasing citizen participation, and allow public and non-public delivery of innovative services. These are three of the policy recommendations in the ‘Smart Sustainable Cities – Reconnaissance Study’, published by the United Nations University in March.

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