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Five things we need to know about the on-demand economy

The purpose of this essay is to take a balanced perspective on what we know about the on-demand economy and what needs further investigation. The expansion of the on-demand economy puts huge pressure on regulators to adapt it to the existing frameworks for labour and taxation. The rapid growth of the sector also divides experts: it is seen by many as threat for working conditions, and by others as an incredible opportunity.

World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends

Digital technologies have spread rapidly in much of the world. Digital dividends—that is, the broader development benefits from using these technologies—have lagged behind. In many instances, digital technologies have boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery. Yet their aggregate impact has fallen short and is unevenly distributed. This study of the World Bank reviewed the effects of the digital dividend worldwide

Digital Single Market: Digital Skills and Jobs

A thematic fiche prepared by the European Commission in the context of the European Semester of economic policy coordination. The paper assesses the state of digital skills and jobs across the EU Member States.

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