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2016: Year zero for #digital Europe (II)

The EU institutions have already started the negotiation of the first legislative proposals foreseen in the Digital Single Market Strategy. On one hand, the regulation for digital contents portability which is first piece of the roadmap for upgrading of copyright framework in Europe. On the other hand, two directives that aim to simplify the rules and boost online sales in Europe. Before the end of the current semester, there will be also on the negotiation table a new package of telecom rules which has already been the focus of a debate in the EU Council

Nevertheless, the most important event for the construction of the Digital Single Market (after the publication of the European Commission communication) has been the debate in the European Parliament on the opinion "Towards a digital single market act". In this document the Parliament detailed its vision on how each measure of the Digital Single Market strategy should be developed. Although all the document deserves a read, there are two elements that has drawn an special interest from different stakeholders

Firstly, the Parliament has assumed the irreversibility of the on-demand economy and the need to face the consequences of this new reality. The Parliament bet on the benefits for the consumers of the collaborative economy, while at the same time alerts on the need to update and ensure the workers rights. The Parliament highlight that the focus should be in removing the artificial barriers that hinder the growth of new business models underpinned by digital technology in the different economy sectors. Although the European Commission supports partially this view in its Internal Market Strategy, the European Parliament position its is not fully shared by all the Member States.

Secondly, there is a clear stance for the europeanisation of the telecom market. After the regulation for the progressive elimination of roaming charges, the Parliament support more centralisation in spectrum management and the creation of a European Regulatory Authority. The view of the Parliament is close to European Commission proposals rejected in the past by the Council, so we can expect a hard battle ahead and long debates in order to find a new competences equilibrium in the telecom market.

To sum up, the European Parliament opinion on how to develop the Digital Single Market Strategy push towards the vision the digital transformation of Europe through the europeanisation of the digital market. The Parliament vision is a reinforcement of the Digital Single Market vision which is the only way out for recovering Europe position in the digital global market.

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