lunes, 21 de diciembre de 2015

#OTT #Audiovisual Somewhere in #digital Europe ... (21/12/2015)

Over the Top Players (OTTs)

The report explores current/emerging business models for OTT services (including Voice over IP, instant messaging services, streaming video and music services); identify costs and barriers to European online service development including OTT; describe the regulatory environment for online services in Europe, contrasting it with the environment for traditional telecom/media services, as well as the environment in some of Europe’s major trading partners; and make recommendations to achieve a DSM.

A study on Audiovisual Media Services - Review of Regulatory Bodies Independence

The study provides an updated analysis of the institutional, legal and regulatory framework governing the regulatory bodies competent for audiovisual media services in EU Member States and candidate countries. It identifies differences and common traces of the different national legal systems governing regulatory authorities. It also comprises the analysis of the implementation of the said framework in practice and its effectiveness.

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