lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

#IoT #Indusrtry #SmartHomes #Security Somewhere in #Digital Europe .... (7/12/2015)

Security and Resilience of Smart Home Environments

This study published by ENISA aims at securing Smart Home Environments from cyber threats by highlighting good practices that apply to every step of a product lifecycle: its development, its integration in Smart Home Environments, and its usage and maintenance until end-of-life. The study also highlights the applicability of the security measures to different types of devices. The good practices apply to manufacturers, vendors, solution providers for hardware and software, and developers. It can be used to assess their current security level, and evaluate the implementation of new security measures. European citizens, standardisation bodies, researchers and policy makers could also find an interest in this study.

Digitising European Industry - Synthesis of Stakeholder Inputs

This report and presentation is a synthesis of the results of European Commission consultation of how to boost the digitalisation of European Industry. The EC asked leaders of national initiatives and business leaders with the objective to identify specific actions to implement the European strategy for digitising industry.

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