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"The Girl in the Spider´s Web" - David Lagercrantz

The Girl in the Spider's Web (Millennium, #4)The Girl in the Spider's Web by David Lagercrantz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Although I was a bit sceptical when I started reading the book, I should recognise that D.Langercrantz has done an excellent work with his continuation of the Millenium saga. First of all, he has done a superb imitation of Stieg Larsson style. Secondly, he has made a plausible continuation of the story of the Salander family. Last but not least, he has found an extraordinary background for the novel connected with the revelations of the Snowden case.

The centre of the plot is the connection between state surveillance and industrial espionage in the digital era. This link, that is suspected by the majority of us, has a disastrous consequence which is the existence of communication alleys between the sewers of the state and the organised crime. The connection has existed always but the digital transformation of the society has reinforced it and make it more invisible. After finishing the book you will feel more worry about the issue than before.

Among the things I have liked more in the book is the explanation for the pseudonym "Wasp" used by Salander. I'm not going to spoil this part of the book but it is going to be loved by a majority of the people involved with the computer world and born in the 60´s. Langercratz has been imaginative and realistic at the same time in this extreme.

In spite of having enjoyed the book, I really don't know if i will read another sequel of the saga. There is a clear possibility for it but i think the characters should be complemented with new features and new companions in order to maintain the tension and the thrill.

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