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"The bookshop", Penelope Fitzgerald

The BookshopThe Bookshop by Penelope Fitzgerald
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Any bookworm has desired at one moment of its life to run a bookshop. At least, that has been my personal history. The appeal to have all the books at your disposal and all the time you would need to read them, it is an image that has lured me as my most yearned lifestyle many times. Perhaps, that is the reason why I decided to read "The bookshop", written by Penelope Fitzgerald.

But "The bookshop" is more than the story of a woman who loves books and decided to share that passion with her passion with her hometown. The book is a parable about the unequal fight between any dreamer and the establishment of his environment. Florence Green chose to be a bookshop in a village without bookshops, she was living in the vanish hope that the village was waiting someone brave enough to set up a bookshop. Along the pages of the novel, we share with Florence the growing disappointment when she discovered her error. Furthermore, we shared her loneliness in the fight against the village establishment that bet for the failure of the bookshop since the begining. Change "bookshop" for any personal idealistic project, the story would be the same.

Florence is from the same tribe of Don Quixote. The end of the story couldn´t be different. But in this case, the end let us a shine of hope that our heroin would try it again.

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