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#GreenIT #TTIP #Competition Somewhere in #digital Europe ... (7/9/2015)

Methodologies for Measuring Environmental Efficiency Metrics for Data Centres

Smart City Cluster created by several EU Projects on Data Centres and public procurement released this report a couple of months ago. With a total of 60 partners, the cluster's aim is to develop new environmental efficiency metrics and methodologies, used to measure common variables, compare results and collectively support standards development.

Telecommunications and Internet Services: The digital side of the TTIP

In the overall negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the digital chapter appears to be growing in importance. This paper explores the current divergences between the two legal systems on these key issues and discusses possible scenarios for the ultimate agreement to be reached in the TTIP.

Antitrust, regulatory capture and economic integration

A policy contribution of the Bruegel think tank. The focus of the report are competion and antitrust rules in the EU and directions for an update of their interpretaion.

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