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Remuneration of authors and performers for the use of their works and the fixations of their performances

A new EU study looks at the level of remuneration paid to authors and performers in the music and audio-visual sectors in ten EU countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark and Lithuania). The Commission is looking for evidence whether, and to what extent, the differences that exist among the Member States affect levels of remuneration and the functioning of the internal market.

Software & Services, Cloud Computing H2020 Project Portfolio

The first Work Programme of Horizon 2020 invited proposals for Research and Innovation projects in the areas of cloud computing and software technologies. The selected projects represent a critical mass of research and innovation activities to keep Europe at the forefront of the developments in cloud computing and software technologies.

Workshop on Age-Friendly Homes and Smart Living

As identified in the Silver Economy Strategy, the creation of age-friendly housing can support the growing ageing population in staying active, independent and out of institutional care settings. This will lead to reduced costs for care delivery systems and better quality of life for vulnerable categories of citizens (elderly citizens and their carers or families). The overall objective of the workshop was to mobilise support from public authorities and stakeholders on a set of complementary actions that can be pursued at EU, national and regional level, by public authorities and stakeholders (industry, R&I, investment community) and that can lead to an increase in the number of age-friendly homes in Europe.

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