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"The Unwinding" - George Packard

The easy way to write an essay is to collect facts and telling them in a linear manner. The author do not use any characters  but the historic figures connected with the period the author is writing about. This style  of writing an essay also gives it an appearence of bigger impartiality , in spite of the ideology behind the selection of figures that has been done. However, a continuous use of figures and data dyes with objectivity the subjectivity of the author. 

George Packard takes the winding road and a more honest alternative to write "The unwinding". Without any doubt, the book is an essay on the USA history from the 70´s to 2012, but it is an essay from the personal perspective of a handful of americans. The author described in the book different stages of the life of this group of people, some of them famous like P. Thiel or E. Warren, some of them anonymous or completely fictious. The people are the thread to show us the unwinding of the american society and the milestones that has lead to it. The selection of stories does not provide any cloak of impartiality to the author. The majority of the group of people lose something with each year that pass. 

The author never hides along the essay his idea that "the seventies was the decade when things started going wrong". Instead of giving us cold figures to support his idea, he uses real people to show us the scars that the unleashed globalisation and the continuous deregulation have left in american society. The downfall of the middle class, the dissappearance of industry, underpaid jobs, the foreclosures after the housing bubble, ... the human side behind the economic figures that we tend to forget.

The book is so real that sometimes you will feel the urge to stop reading. However the endurance of some of the characters, their continuous desire to find their place in life and the solidarity towards other human beings that some of them show, will give you the strength to reach the end. The hope is in their capability to face the unwinding together.

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