lunes, 27 de julio de 2015

#Google #SPoC #Drones Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (27/7/2015)

Google antitrust proceedings: Digital business and competition

A briefing of the European Parliament about the Google case. It also includes a description of the basis of competition regulation on the EU Single Market and its application to the digital economy.

The Performance of the Points of Single Contact

The Points of Single Contact (PSCs) are e-government portals that allow service providers to access information and complete administrative procedures online. This report assesses the performance of the PSCs in relation to criteria set out in the PSC charter.

Privacy and Data Protection Implications of the Civil Use of Drones

This research addresses the implications of the integration of drones for civilian use into the European civil aviation system. It notably looks into the EU policy on drones and the potential impacts on citizens' right to privacy and data protection, as well as on security and safety.

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