lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

#Platforms #DigitalSingleMarket #StartUp #Cloud Somewhere in #DigitalEurope .... (22/6/2015)

Cross-competition and Digital Platforms

Proceedings on the workshop "Cross-Competition and Digital Platforms" prepared by Policy Department A for the ITRE committee of the European Parliament. The workshop addressed the question "should we avoid global information monopolies, and what place for European platforms?"

Uptake of cloud in Europe

This study provides quantitative estimates of the impact of cloud computing on the EU economy by 2020. The study looks at the potential economic impact that the adoption of cloud-based computing solutions by the public and private sector could have on EU economy as a whole

European unicorns: Do they have legs?

A study on the European billion-dollar companies founded since 2000, with the aim of analysing what it takes to create a European unicorn, and find any parallels and differences with the US  

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