miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

The event for automation disruption

Data economy is based in massive automation of the information processing. As information processing gets cheaper, massive automation is spreading sector after sector. It is the race against the machine described by Brynjolfsson and McAfee, a race we will lose almost certainly in all the human activity. It doesn´t matter the degree of resistance the human beings working in that sector will show, the automatisation will end with all sign of human life in that  productive activity.

The above paragraph is not pessimism, it is a reality check. Take the example of wars, perhaps the activity which is more inherently linked to human beings. The history of the human race it is impossible to be understood without wars and wars could not be imagine without some kind of human intervention. Until this moment. And you should not think only in drones. The possibility of human wars held only between robots as proxies of the human race is so real that the UN is called for a ban of that scenario. It doesn't matter the commitments of politicians for supporting the UN idea, I can´t imagine that a society will not stand up for the use of robots instead of human beings in the case of an extremely bloody war if it the usage is technically possible. And once robots will be use for the first time in a war it will be the end of human wars. All this rationale is probably behind the opposition to the UN proposal already declared by some countries.

There is an event for automation disruption in every sector. The breaking point when automation could not be delayed any more time. When there is a latent possibility of automatisation sooner or later will be a reality. How many times have you thought that the paradigm of self-driving cars could be applicable to any kind of transport? How many times some people have answered you that "yes, but not to planes"? After the Germanwings accident the planes without pilot are closer than ever. The Germanwings accident has been the event for automation disruption in planes piloting.

There is no way to avoid the event for automation disruption in our activity. Therefore, it would be better for us to apply the creative self-disruption. The only manner to maintain the value of the human task in a sector is through the early adoption of the automatisation in order to augment human capabilities and develop a new kind of activities.

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