lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

#DigitalSingleMarket #StartUp #Broadband Somewhere in #digital Europe ... (4/5/2015)

Minutes of the of the 2121st meeting of the Commission

On march 25th the European Commission defined the priorities for the development of the Digital Single Market Strategy. A month later, the minutes of the meeting and the policy debate around the digital future of Europe have been published.

Venture Capital Report - Europe Q1 2015

A report on VC investment into European companies in Q1 2015. it also shows historic figures of the evolution of VC investment in Europe.  

Recommendation of the Most Effective Financial Instrument(s) for the CEF Broadband Activity

The study provides recommendations on how to optimise the use of the budget available for broadband deployment under Connected Europe Facility (CEF). The recommendations will be used when developing the financial instruments under CEF.

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