lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

#CEF #eCommerce #BigData Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (18/5/2015)

Study on the maturity of the Digital Service Infrastructures supported by the Connecting Europe Facility

The European Commission has just published a study on the digital service infrastructures supported by the Connecting Europe Facility programme. The study gives an overview on the technical maturity of specific infrastructures to be deployed as of 2015.

ICT & Commerce

A report on SME's engagement in e-commerce published by the European Commission. The report presents key questions for entrepreneurs who plan to enter e-commerce, challenges for European e-commerce and recommendations for European policy makers.

Data for Policy: A study of big data and other innovative data-driven approaches for evidence-informed policymaking

Draft report for the European Commission that investigates datadriven approaches to policymaking. The study has examined a number of relevant initiatives, stakeholders and undertaken interviews in pursuit of this aim.

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