lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

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Antitrust, Regulation and the Neutrality Trap

The term "neutrality" is highly debated nowadays in connection with EU digital policies. Without any doubts, it could be one of the main focus of the forthcoming Digital Single Market Strategy. This paper is highly critical with the value and feasibility of the implementation of the neutrality concept across the digital value chain.

Mass surveillance of IT Users

The objective of this study is to propose measures to reduce the risks identified with the current generation of networks and services and to identify long-term technology oriented policy options to reach a balance between public security and privacy. The first part of the study concludes with a list of security solutions to help citizens protect themselves from illicit mass surveillance activities. The second part of the study concludes with the proposal of several policy options with different levels of public intervention and technological disruption


A report published by the European Commission with statistical data about the role of SMEs in trasatatlantic trade and a survey on the issues that are regarding most important for SMEs concerning the trade relationships with the USA.

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