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Cars and mobility, the central scenario of the digital revolution

Cars and mobility arena is one of the key scenarios of the digital transformation of our society. In a certain way, they look as the vortex that is absorbing the good and bad features of the legacy analog world and transforming them in a new shiny environment where we new rules are building everyday to solve the new challenges as soon as we faced them. Instead of reading tons of books and articles to understand the mean of the digital transformation of society and economy, we only need to pay attention to what is happening in the world of cars and mobility.

First of all, the replacement of products by services. I still remember the mental shock that I experienced when I read in the year 2007  "The age of access". It was the discovery for me of a new way of looking life. Although, it appeared to me all the book and its ideas as something extremely logical, I thought it was an scenario that would only be at the grasp of hand not before twenty years. Nevertheless, the age of access is already here. The replacement of cars and services by mobility as a service has been boosting by the digitalisation of brokering. And this model is applicable to any phisical item of consumption.

Secondly, how the old players will be completely replaced by digital players. We should recognize that this replacement has already happened in other areas but it has been only in a parcial manner. We have seen the dissapearance of Kodak but other players of the analogue photo learnt how to survive. However, it seems that in the manufacturing of complete digital cars there are only two essential players. Only two players are fighting for the dashboard of the cars, the central element for the user experience of a driverless car. The digital players has completely replace the analogue players in this element, and the advantage of Google in the race toward the complete driverless car looks only possible to be surmountable by Apple.

The digital transformation of products in services is the driver for a packetization of our digital life. In the mobility as a service area we have already seen a simple example with the agreement between Uber and Spotify. But this probably is just the beginning, your driverless car service would be packetized with your Netflix subscription or even we could have zero-rate sponsored transport plans similar to those we have for mobile phone data services. As mobility is an essential part of our daily lifes, this would inevitably drive towards a packetization of the complete set of services we need for our digital life.

We started to evolve from primates towards human beings the day we abandon the sedentary life. What is more, the big steps in the evolution of man could not be understand without an increasing capacity for moving between places. Therefore, cars and mobility are so central in our life that any transformation in the mobility environment would have an expanding impact to our whole life. So, I agree with what it was published in The Guardian, forget of any other scenario, cars is where the digital revolution is happening.

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