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#NetNeutrality #Jobs Somewhere in #digital Europe ... (11/3/2015)

Letter to the Council signed by MEPs regarding the Telecom Single Market (TSM) proposal

On March 4th the EU Council adopted its position regarding the TSM proposal. Roaming and Net neutrality are the main elements of this forthcoming regulation. There is huge gap between the position on both topics adopted by the Parliament and the Council. The letter last week signed by 126 MEPs is the first milestone of the debate

Engagement for Growth and Jobs

The "Grand Coalition and the National Coalition for Jobs" is the flagship initiative for promoting the creation of digital jobs in Europe. After more than a year of the beginning of the project, this report contains an analysis of its impact and recommendations for the second phase of the initiative.

Toolkit for National and Local Coalitions for Jobs

In order to promote the creation of National and Local Coalition for Jobs, the European Commission established a Secretariat for the initive. Among its activities, the Secretariat has published this toolkit that aims to clarify the role of National Coalitions and Local Coalitions and gives guidance on how to set them up.

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