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Riga Declaration on eSkills and Jobs

On 13 March under the Latvian Presidency Riga Declaration on e-skills was signed using digital solutions during the conference on “e-Skills for Jobs 2015”. It consists of 10 principles that will guide efforts to unlock the potential of e-Skills in order to fuel growth and job creation.

Growing the silver economy in Europe

The rapid demographic ageing is one of the main factors determining future EU and global economic development. It is a major societal challenge as well as a major opportunity for economic growth and jobs, the so-called "Silver Economy". This report review the current actions stimulated by the European Commission in the area of the "Silver Economy", future activities to be build on top of it and their potential for the generation of new jobs and growth;

ICT and Innovation

This report is part of a wider assignment intended to mobilise efforts and stimulate commitment around the use of ICT to deliver growth and jobs in Europe. It is aimed at identifying relevant initiatives and involving stakeholders in the formulation of policy recommendations to foster ICT and Innovation in the EU by addressing different challenges to help bridging the gap between research and market competitiveness, in two perspectives: in and through ICT.

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