lunes, 16 de febrero de 2015

#BigData #DigitalSingleMarket #SocialMedia #112 Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (16/2/2015)

The Proliferation of "Big Data" and Implications for Official Statistics and Statistical Agencies

This working paper published by the OECD describes the potential of the proliferation of new sources of large volumes of data, sometimes also referred to as "big data", for informing policy making in several areas. It also outlines the challenges that the proliferation of data raises for the production of official statistics and for statistical policies.

Social Media Use by Governments

This OECD report examines how social media is being used to deliver better public services and to create more open policy processes. The analysis is based on a large amount of empirical data, including a survey of OECD governments on policies and objectives in this area.

Building Blocks of the Ubiquitous Digital Single Market

Proceedings of a Workshop held in the European parliament of November 2015. The workshop aims at giving an overview of most advanced market and technological trends built on mobile connectivity and cloud computing. It also examines net neutrality and cybersecurity as political and regulatory challenges.

Implementation of the European emergency number 112

On the occasion of February 11 - European 112 day, an EC report summarises emergency number uptake and use Europe-wide, while other EC activity in the past year or coming up in the following months is also presented.

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