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#Skills #PublicService #DigitalSingleMarket #Privacy Somewhere in #digital Europe ... (17/11/2014)

Delivering public services for the future

A collection of essays compiled by the Lisbon Council with proposals for the reform and modernisation of the public sector in Europe. Innovation and ICTs are the cornerstones of the majority of the proposals.

Skill and jobs in the internet economy

Both generic and specialised ICT skills are becoming an important requirement for employment across the economy as the Internet becomes more engrained in work processes, but a significant part of the population lacks the basic skills necessary to function in this new environment. This paper examines the impact of the Internet on the labour market in this context.

Digital Single Market studies

A compilation of the studies done by the European´s Policy Department around the completion of the Digital Single Market.

The right to privacy in the digital age

A report publishhed by the United Nations on thhe biggest challenges tio achieve an effective right to privacy on the digital age.

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