miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014

#Digital politicians

UK is well known for its vibrant civic society. In contrast with what we appreciated in the latin countries, in time of elections every kind of organisation tries to influence the future government with a political manifesto. IT sectorial organisations are not an exception. Some weeks ago techUK published his call for "securing the digital future". Among other things, the organisation highlighted the need for "digital ministers"

Digital is the fabric of our future. ICTs are present in every moment of our life and at any economic sector. And its role is not a perfectly defined one but a growing one. This fact has brought a skill digital deficit that politicians try to overcome with actions as the "Grand coalition for jobs" in the European Union. For understanding the need of this kind of actions, politicians should have an understanding of the digital issues. The still current Digital Commissioner, Neelie Kroes, is an example of the kind of politicians I´m talking about. She is also the proof that it is possible to be a digital politician in spite of not being a digital native.

But not only the politicians responsible for digital issues should have digital skills. Using the words of Neelie Kroes, “It is not only important that we have a digital president in Jean-Claude but that Jean-Claude forms his team with all digital commissioners, not just the one taking over my portfolio”. It seems that Jean Claude has not understood the message. Nobody of his team looks as heavy-user of the internet. What is more, there are serious doubts of the digital skills of the proposed successor for Neelie Kroes, in particular in its own country.

Unfortunately, the case of the new European Commission proposed by Jean Claude Juncker is not an exception. We all know cases of politicians that only use the social networks during the electoral campaigns. I´m not saying that it is compulsory for politicians to use these tools, but it is a clear signal of the importance that Internet has in their life. And what could be a signal of the importance they would provide to the digitalisation of its political responsibilities.

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