lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

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Report from Workshop on Green Data Centres : Policy measures, metrics and methodologies

On 1 April 2014 a technical workshop on “Green Data Centres: policy measures, methodologies and metrics” was hosted by the European Commission premises in Brussels. The work and the outcome of the workshop were summarised in a report by an independent rapporteur.

Accelerating Europe’s Comeback—Digital Opportunities for Competitiveness and Growth

A joint research initiative conducted by Accenture in collaboration with BUSINESSEUROPE and the European Business Summit, explores the ongoing economic challenges Europe faces, and proposes tangible steps leaders can take to address critical drivers of competitiveness and growth.

On-demand Audiovisual Markets in the European Union

The report provides information and statistics, for the year 2013, on on-demand audiovisual services established and available in the 28 Member States, with a number of details about their genre, exact place of establishment, origin of controlling company, content and distribution mode, etc . The new report covers about 3000 services.

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