lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

#BigData #GreenComputing Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (14/07/2014)

Towards a thriving data-driven economy

This Communication from the European Commission sketchs the features of the data-driven economy of the future and setting out some operational conclusions to support and accelerate the transition towards it. It also sets out current and future activities in the field of cloud computing.

Big Data Analytics - An assessment of demand for labour and skills, 2012-2017

This report seeks to aid those undertaking/supporting big data projects in the UK by providing a detailed analysis of current/projected demand for big data skills based on a) an analysis of recruitment advertising data and b) bespoke forecasts of IT&T employment and big data demand for the coming five years.

More Data, Less Energy: Making Network Standby More Efficient in Billions of Connected Devices

The electricity demand of our increasingly digital economies is growing at an alarming rate. While data centre energy demand has received much attention, of greater cause for concern is the growing energy demand of billions of networked devices. This publication from the International Energy Agency probes their hidden energy costs. Being connected 24/7 means these devices draw energy all the time even when in standby.

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