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Review: The Second Machine Age

The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies

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Far from being the continuation of "The race against the machine", "The second machine age" includes the main conclusions of the previous book written by the authors as the starting point to develop a call for optimism. Certainly, we are just in the middle of a revolution on the way we work and produce, but driving this revolution towards a positive result is in our hands. Both in the personal side as for the society.

The authors advocate again on the inevitability of the technology revolution. Due to the exponential, digital and combinatorial features of technology, we cannot stop the continuous flood of innovations that is transforming a growing number of human tasks in machine activities. Therefore, the only intelligent position is learning how to team up with the machines to develop new activities. As Hal Varian said, "seek to be indispensable complement to something that´s getting cheap and plentiful".

As in our personal life we need to know how to complement the machines, the society should develop the capabilities that allows the individuals being complementary to the machines. Governments are responsible of developing education based on ICT and entrepreunership skills and fostering the developing of digital infrastructures, jointly with the rewiring of the taxation system for the digital age (including the implementation of a basic rent in the form of a negative income tax).

We are in unstoppable process towards a society based in artificial intelligence. It is in our hands to have a place in the future.

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