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#IPv6 #116 #Taxes Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (9/6/2014)

The Internet in Transition: The State of the Transition to IPv6 in Today's Internet and Measures to Support the Continued Use of IPv4

This report considers the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 alongside the use of network technologies to prolong IPv4 use in the face of depletion of further IPv4 protocol addresses, but it does not aim to address all issues surrounding the transition to IPv6 or to detail the economic incentives faced by various Internet actors. It first provides a status update of address management issues and the run-out of IPv4. It then describes the advantages and limitations of increased use of network address translation as one response to sustain the use of IPv4 in the face of IPv4 address exhaustion. It provides an overview of the IPv6 protocol; the advantages of IPv6 deployment as a response to IPv4 address exhaustion and the IPv6 transition plan compared to actual deployment to date. Finally, the report examines the choices facing individual actors, their potential consequences, and the policy implications on openness and innovation for the future of the Internet.

State of play on the implementation of the 116 numbers

This document gives an updated overview of the current state of play on the implementation of the numbers 116 000 (hotline for missing children), 116006 (helplines for victims of crime), 116111 (child helplines), 116117 (non-emergency medical on-call services) and 116123 (emotional support helplines) in all Member States, as of 1 May 2014.

Report of the Commission Expert Group on Taxation of the Digital Economy

The Commission High Level Expert Group on Taxation of the Digital Economy is examining the best ways of taxing the digital economy in the EU, weighing up both the benefits and risks of various approaches. This final report of its work focus   on identifying the key problems with digital taxation from an EU perspective, and presenting a range of possible solutions.

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