jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

#Security #eSkills Somewhere in #Digital Europe ... (8/5/2014)

Ponemon Report on IT Security 

A global study has uncovered the deficient, disconnected and in-the-dark conditions that challenge IT security professionals. The top finding of the report is that 63% of more than 4,800 IT security practitioners polled doubt they can stop data theft, because of deficiencies in security systems.

e-Skills in Europe

A new study released today e-Skills in Europe: measuring Progress and Moving Ahead shows the trend towards higher-level ICT skills will continue. The main forecast scenario suggests that by 2020 the number of ICT management, architecture and analysis jobs grows by 44% compared to 2011, and related jobs by 16%. Mid-level technician jobs will continue to disappear as a result of automation and productivity gains. Consequently, the study claims that there is a corresponding need to increase the quality and relevance of e-skills available in the labour market, particularly since the supply of university graduates is not keeping pace. More than 60% of Europe’s digital jobs vacancies are in UK, Germany, Italy and France.

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