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Somewhere in Europe last week ... (25/3/2014) #DigitalEurope

This week, the members of the european Parliament has been quite active publishing official and non-official documents on the future of Digital Europe

The Digital World in 2030. What place for Europe?

Core digital technologies are evolving and converging rapidly, fueled by real-time, real-world data, driving us toward a Knowing Society and creating the foundation for an avalanche of innovative software platforms and other digital tools available and affordable to anybody and everybody, everywhere for virtually any purpose. In economic terms, we are finally on the cusp of “the real” third industrial revolution. We need to understand and exploit this vast opportunity, while also urgently addressing the intense social and political stresses this revolution will inevitably engender. Europe’s political leaders need to engage with this revolution across their full range of competences. 2030 is now. Completing Europe’s Digital Single Market is the most urgent priority.

A vision of Digital Europe in 2030 has been published by the European Internet Forum (EIF), a parliamentary forum founded by Members of the European Parliament in the year 2000 as a non-profit association

Study: Streaming and Online Access to Content and Services

As a result of technological progress in the area of cloud computing and mobile connectivity, Internet is increasingly offering an omnipresent and interactive - ubiquitous - access to information and content. This improved access is, in turn, leading to efficiency, innovation and a significant reduction of the environmental footprint through dematerialisation of consumption, with potential changes in the economic and societal landscape. However, the current legal and economic setting in Europe is leading to a partitioning of mobile Internet access and Internet content along national borders, significantly affecting benefits that could be derived by Europeans from the Digital Single Market and preventing Europe from consolidating its comparative advantage on the global ICT market.

The IMCO Committee of the Parliament has published a detailed study on the matter.

Report of the ITRE Committee on the Telecom Single Market proposal

The Telecom Single Market is the last legislative Neelie Kroes for this term. The ITRE Committte has approved last week the report to be tabled in the Parliament on April.

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