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The Circle - David Eggers

The CircleThe Circle by Dave Eggers
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A description of a world quite similar to our world. A world where an Internet company has grown so powerful, up to the point it controls more a and more parcels of our life as time goes by. We can see virtual tools that are extremely familiar to us: One identity for all services, virtual coins, apps for tracking our vital signs, ubiquitous social media channels, ... but all in the hands of the same company. But that is not the worst nightmare of the scenarios pictured in the book. When all this is mixed with your labour life is getting worst. Imagine the human resources depatment of your organisation capable to access all and every action of your daily work routines and judging them in a continuous manner.

This book put us in front of our own reality. Have we gone so far in our mania of sharing our privacy with Internet companies? I still believe that social media and Internet give us more freedom than slavery, but this book has made me doubting about it. Specially, it has raised me some doubts about the goodness of mixing the social media tools with the government IT tools.

Are we on time of having a different future of the landscape portraited in the book? We always have options and it will be in our hands. But the choices are hard, as the book shows, and maybe some times what we judge the rigth path can be the path to evil.

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