jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Is Open Government expendable? #ogov #opendata #socialnetworks

Since President Obama entered in office, Open Government has been pointed as the model for conducting public affairs in advanced societies. Nowadays challenges are quite complex, so governments need to be transparent in order to stimulate participation and collaboration of the citizens and businesses to solve them. What is more, publishing government data in reusable friendly formats and conditions is also considered as the basis for the creation of a whole new economic sector.

I should say that I am a firm believer of the ideas expressed above. And until today, I even thought that these ideas had been accepted by the majority of the democratic countries, to begin with, especially by the US government. . But suddenly, everything is crumbling. Obama´s government has declared the government shutdown, and this mean to close down of non-essential services, and as it seen in the pictures below, both "data.gov" and "We the people" has not had the fortune to remain open. The same has happened to the social media channels. 

The decision of closing open government sites it is more difficult to understand in a period like a government shutdown. If there is a time when the government need the collaboration and participation of the citizens is when, for one reason or the other, the nation lives a crisis in its public services, like it happens with the government shutdown.

So forget about Open Government as the only way forward. This is a clear signal that, even in its more advanced implementations, Open Government is expendable.

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